We grow affordable safe rental housing availability in St. Albert for a brighter and more vibrant future.


We believe that housing for everyone is part of building a healthy vibrant community. The St. Albert Housing Society’s vision is to increase affordable rental housing in the community, to further our mission of supporting vulnerable community members.


By giving St. Albert families some room to breathe, we help them have a higher quality of living and a more stable atmosphere. Allowing our clients to better thrive in the wonderful community we live in.


Across Alberta, 30.6% of female lone-parent families are in core housing need.


In 2017, BC’s provincial government funded more than 15 times as many housing units than Alberta, despite having similar population.


Alberta has 31.6% less subsidized housing units than the rest of Canada per capita.

St. Albert Housing has a variety of programs and resources to help you secure safe affordable housing.

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“The blessings you have given me are beyond what you could ever know. Simply amazing. So grateful!! Beyond words. Life changing.”


Past Client


Access to affordable Housing is a hot topic in today's society. Not only in St. Albert, but around the world. Check back often for the latest news from the St. Albert Housing society.

St. Albert Housing Society gets $120K

Turning bungalows into affordable units fast, effective way to fill need in St. Albert, society says


2021 Alberta Budget Review

On 25 February 2021, Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party government tabled its third budget, announcing very few major changes to either spending or taxation, while also projecting a deficit...


Canada Housing Benefit

Liberals set up housing council as 7 provinces sign up for rent assistance program




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